Financial Coaching

We can all benefit from a little advice every now and then. Have you accumulated an overwhelming amount of debt? Have you recently experienced a financial hardship? Struggling to manage household expenses or finding it more difficult to balance all of your expenses, debt or credit needs? Are you just starting out and want to make sure you are on a solid financial path? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you.

Federal Credit Union of Industries has financial coaches at every branch as well as Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors to help guide you during uncertain times with managing your credit or financial needs. Our team is trained to help you in a non-judgmental manner while encouraging you to make the changes needed to get back on track with your financial goals. As a member of Federal Credit Union of Industries, you can stop by a branch any time to speak to our financial coaches or you can schedule a FREE financial counseling sessions with our certified counselors. Appointments with our counselors are scheduled for an hour, but may take longer depending on your financial needs and are conveniently available at any Federal Credit Union of Industries branch location. These sessions can help build confidence in your finances by focusing on these topics.

Session Topics

  • Gain guidance at various life stages
  • Improve or maintain your credit score
  • Manage your current debt obligations
  • Set and achieve financial goals
  • Develop a customized household spending plan
  • Improve your overall financial situation


If you’d like to set up an appointment with a Federal Credit Union of Industries Financial Counselor, please use the form below to tell us a little about you.  A counselor will contact you to schedule your appointment at a time convenient for you.

Financial Wellness Request